What Is Anonymous

So what is Anonymous?

Throughout the ongoing ‘War against Scientology’ the media has had trouble delivering news about the entity known as Anonymous. Many articles depict Anonymous as a group of faceless hackers, while others in the media have researched Anonymous and believe it is made up of the racist, immature, meme-reciting and ADD-affected kids who post on a group of forums known as ‘the chans.’

The truth is that Anonymous is the same nameless, faceless guise man has used for thousands of years. Anonymous is the cloak that the collective internet has chosen to use. Anonymous has no organisation, no control, no hierarchy and no members. Anonymous is a common idea that the world can unite, without politics or ego, free of barriers, to achieve a goal. The goal, however, varies greatly depending on which Anonymous you speak to. Many are simply looking for the innocent laughs of internet memes; some are even malicious and share questionable information or even go so far as to collectively attack shared enemies through the anonymity of the internet. Anonymous consists of a wide gamut of people: from bored teenagers to young professionals, looking to make a difference. But there is no label, no cultural insignia one can affix to Anonymous.

You won’t find a member of Anonymous. You can search the internet for weeks, asking to speak with Anonymous, to join its legions, to understand its purpose, but you will ultimately find only fakes and attention-seekers. If you want to find Anonymous and become part of Anonymous, you are Anonymous. There are no initiation rituals or a charter. Anonymous has no face, no representation and no desire to make itself known.

An attractive goal has made itself apparent in recent months. A goal which all of Anonymous, of varied types and mindsets, has felt compelled to contribute to. The goal of shutting down the cult of misinformation and greed, The Church of Scientology, has proven to be a goal that has united and expanded Anonymous. And because of this, Anonymous is evolving. This goal has become attractive to more than just Anonymous; they were simply the catalyst. The goal is in turn spreading information, encouraging the ignorant to engage, and the apathetic to fight for something morally just and noble. This has become much more than Anonymous. This has become a goal for the world. If the media is looking for a single person or leader to speak for this movement against Scientology, it need not look further than its own neighbour or brother or lover. This is a goal that all peoples of the world are uniting to achieve, free of ego or contempt. The world is Anonymous.

We are all

Concerned people from all around the world.

United individuals.

Anonymous. Most of us remain anonymous in part because high up members of the "church" of $cientology have in the past harassed and threatened critics. Not using names to identify ourselves also has roots in the way we came into existence.

We believe in

Free speech

Freedom of expression

Freedom of religion

We believe that the "church" of Scientology is in fact simply a money making scheme and that it uses unacceptable and often illegal methods to silence critics and to oppress its own followers.

The following was originally copied verbatim from http://enturbulation.org, the forums that host much of the discussion and debate related to our actions.

Why are we against the so called Church Of $cientology?

This primary, fundamental question is the one we receive the most, as all our efforts are meaningless without proper fundament. We'll attempt to answer it here, as shortly and concisely as possible.

We are not against Scientology.

Scientology, like all religions, is a belief system, a way of perceiving and decoding the world around us. We believe in the basic, inalienable right to a personal religious creed. A man, or woman, can believe whatever he or she chooses to believe; it is their prerogative, and they should never be attacked, persecuted or discriminated for it.

Likewise, it is also their right to associate with others who share the same beliefs, so that they may express their devotion in whatever way they see fit. We would never consider acting against such an activity; doing so would be intolerant, shortsighted and immoral. Any considerably sized group of people gathering with a purpose needs some sort of organization in order to achieve its goals. This is just common sense; we would never oppose this.

However, one must always make the distinction between the belief system and the human, fallible institution built around it; specially when those institutions generate a power structure that acts both inwards into the community and outwards toward society.

These human constructs can be criticized. This does not mean the belief system is being attacked or ridiculed. The observation of the religious institution differs in no way to the observation of any other social institution. We have observed the institution at length. We have formed an opinion about it and decided to take a course of action. This does not mean we are against Scientology.

We are against the Church of Scientology.

The CoS is harmful to society, and to its own members. Its institutional purpose is, as stated by its founder, its own prevalence and expansion, mainly in an economic way. It considers the religion, the belief, the faith to be not an end, as it should, but a means, a mere tool. Indeed, it is degrading towards its own religious base and all those who believe in it.

This humiliating manipulation alone is enough to consider it insulting at best, malign at worst. But its crimes do not stop there.It has attacked freedom of expression routinely; it has attacked freedom of religion by going against those who follow the faith but not the institution; it has attacked freedom of movement, of association, of thought.

Furthermore, it has attacked the right to life, the right to the pursuit of happiness, and all other fundamental human rights.

You will find ample proof of these facts on this site & the many others we link to.

The Church of Scientology has a psychopathic disregard for the life and wellbeing of others. Under this light it becomes clear that not opposing it would not be simply cowardly or uncompromised. It would be immoral.

Do the right thing, for you are not attacking anyone's beliefs; you are defending everyone's rights.

Project Chanology

Project Chanology is a large scale plan to bring down the Church of Scientology in its present form. On January 16, 2008; Anonymous decided to spread the message that Scientology is a dangerous and suppressive organization. We are doing this for the ex-Scientologists dare not speak up in fear of the cult, for the innocent members who are frauded out of their savings and broken down mentally, for those who have lost a relative or friend to the cult and for those who have already lost their lives

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