+IRL Meeting: Kitchener, Ontario
Scribed by: Windsorfag
Place: Conestoga College Doon Campus
Room: 2A111 “The Meeting Room” (Identifying marker: Mudkip on door)

1.0.0 March 15th, 2008

While the February 10th protest was highly successful, it is important that we change things this time around. We did not have the comfort nor power of hundreds of people surrounding us, and our smaller number of 20 will not intimidate them as greatly as it did before (even if we reach the goal of doubling that number). This requires a new, more involves strategy.

1.1.0 Strategy

1.1.1 The March

Theatrics are important. Our initial intimidation will come from a march to the Church of Scientology from a pre-determined location. We march in March! A flag can be seen in the “Road to February 10th” video. It’d be great if we frontlined the march with someone holding a flag and someone speaking into a megaphone.

Proposed meeting places:
- Clock Tower in Victoria Park

1.1.2 Positioning

Last time we were asked to move to the opposite side of the street. This time, we will create a situation where this does not need to happen. How do we accomplish this? Simply. We first acquire permission from Double Double Pizza to allow us to protest in front of their restaurant. We then mark a line across the sidewalk at the Scientologist’s door (closest to Double Double). We do not cross this line. We now control both sides of the street, increasing the traffic we intercept.

1.1.3 Birthday

It’s L.Ron’s birthday celebration. Let’s keep this in mind for our brainstorming. It’s our duty to actively celebrate this occasion in true fashion – my being as pomp (see 1.3.2) and experiential as possible. Colour is a must, and noise only adds to the effect. Streamers, balloons, confetti, whatever; all of this will help us. Keep it cheap, people.

1.1.4 Signs

“Happy Birthday L. Ron You money-grabbing tool”

1.1.5 Propaganda

Propaganda was very helpful on February 10th. It was put in windows, on news stands. We must replicate this but with new propaganda. Stronger propaganda.

1.1.6 Video

Whoever made the DVDs last time: that was fantastic. This time, we should include videos of our February 10th protest, the “Road to February 10th” video, and more new content. If anyone can or has the time, a very professional DVD menu would be fantastic to have.

1.2.0 Recruitment

1.2.1 Advertising Campaign

Blah blah blah blah, working on it. Likely using free Bulletin board space, donated shop windows

1.2.2 Conestoga College

TV Usage: Obtain permission to hold DVD plays, presentations, Q&A sessions for students and teachers. Volunteers/good speakers + content needed.

1.2.3 University of Waterloo


1.2.4 Wilfred Laurier University


1.2.5 Guelph University


1.3.0 Dress

1.3.1 Masks

All anonymous should try and get hands on a Guy Fawkes mask. As Amazon has inflated the price of them, we should call up all local mask/costume stores and pressure them to contact the manufacturer. In addition to this, we should also contact the manufacturer and politely explain that there is a demand.

The more anonymous that wear the masks, the more intimidating anonymous will be. This is helpful as it publicly unites anonymous while maintaining anonymous’ impressive image as the Earth’s b&hammer as demonstrated in the first anonymous video1. It shows Scientology that we are to still be feared and that anonymous is quickly evolving and further uniting.

As was demonstrated by the Britfag on February 10th, Guy Fawkes masks allow for glasses to be worn over them, and appeared to stay on fairly well.

1.3.2 Party Hats

This is in addition to other ‘party’ objects such as horns and whatnot. It is L. Ron’s birthday and we have been invited2. Be colourful in your appearance and noisy as a person.

1.3.3 A Clown

Now what’d be really funny is the inclusion of our a clown. Granted clowns cost money and anonymous is a non-profit unorganisation. If anyone calls a clown, explain anonymous to them, what the 15th is all about, and see if they’ll donate a bit of their time to us. However, if we see the weather as cruel, it will be necessary to let the clown know they have the option to back out.

1.4.0 Miscellaneous

1.4.1 Food

Is having a grill to cook hotdogs and hamburgers on a sidewalk legal? Requires verification. UPDATE: It appears that we’ll require a health inspector in order to cook our own food.

It has been mentioned that we could purchase pizzas from Double Double (an obvious first choice) or Pizza Pizza and say they are catering the event. Sponsorships would of course be accepted as we want to keep costs at a minimum.

1.4.2 Cake

There was a suggestion in purchasing a cake for the Scientologists. The cake should be nothing too fancy, however.

1.4.3 Taking Photos

We got a decent amount of photos on February 10th, but I think we can do better. We should try and illustrate the fun we’re having (as much as masks will allow) in group shots, while retaining our cause.

2.0.0 Footnotes


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