March 15

Beware the Ides of March.

Anonymous will return in full force a second time on March 15th, 2008. The current goal is to at least double our number from the epic February 10th protest. Anonymous is an intimidating force to encounter in any number. Knowing nothing of your opponent; of weakness; of personality. As the numbers grow and get louder and more knowledgeable, the walls will further close around an already crumbling church.

The Ides of March is a significant day to protest for two reasons. The first is the most important for it is the celebration of L. Ron Hubbard's birthday. The founder of Scientology himself. Anonymous intends to celebrate this event. Secondly, it is the day Julius Caesar's senators killed him within the senate. Religion, like Rome, has a long history. Caesar was to change it. Scientology has changed religion into a full-profit organization. As good senators would, Anonymous is going to change the face of the world in removing this pyramid scheme.



The general plan is to meet and divide up the handouts and signs, get organized at the bell tower and then march towards Scientology as a group. How much of an area we cover on King, and how many people are on the side street all depends on our numbers.

We march at 11:00AM sharp from the bell tower in Victoria Park. Try to arrive early (as in 10:00AM-10:30AM early). If anonymous isn't at the bell tower, anonymous has left and you may proceed to the Scilon base. Please try not to arrive at the base before the march has arrived.

Check out the meeting page for more info.


sign1.jpg sign2.jpg sign4.jpg

These are the current signs, last time we produced two matching ones with the first two signs on either side, the third one is new and we are looking for more short slogans that can be sprayed onto board.

We are also looking to produce two new handouts for this event, we need suggested content that can be checked against credible sources.

The topics chosen for these handouts on the February 20th meeting were 'L. Ron Hubbard' and 'Crimes of Scientology'. Naturally as the protest date is so close to L. Ron's birthday the public should know more about this character and his "church".

any suggestions send hollywoodanon at yahoo dot com an email with your ideas.

Promotional Poster

Our major goal for this raid is to increase our numbers. We have produced a promotional poster for March 15th. Please download it and print off a few copies and leave them in high traffic areas around kw.


normal 8.5 x 11 size

extra large 11 x 17 size


If you're planning to the come to the raid we ask you please print off some copies of either of these brochure, please note they are both two sided and intended to be folded into thirds.

First Brochure

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