February 10

February 10th was very cold -26 despite Kitchener being a smaller org and smaller city it still managed to bring 20 -30 anons it total! It was indeed win. There was much Honking and support from drivers!
The Scico's filmed us from a small window in the top floor. But who cares, we cannot be stopped we are anons. Everyone was well behaved and all went according to plans!

Chears of "fuck tom cruise!!" and "Fuck L Ron" rang out from passing cars and there was much celebration.

A special thanks goes to:
Kitchener Police! Thanks for understanding!
Kitchener double double pizza guy. Your Snacks were great!
All anons who attended and those who supported us
Guy who gave us the $25 for hot chocolate - This will be donated to Mark Bunker (If we find who has it)!

This raid Has been classified as win!



++One Anons Account

I finished printing 100 copies of my new "Scientology: A Criminal
Entity" pamphlet around 8:30 this morning. Shortly after 9:00, my
daughter and I piled into my car for the hour drive to Kitchener.

It was *really* windy and cold, lots of blowing snow across the
highway. Not exactly an ideal day for a picket, or so I thought.
We went to my son's place, picked up his girlfriend (my son had to
work, so he could not join us ), and headed over to the cult
franchise outlet. There we saw a group of 10 or 15 hardy souls,
many with fliers but only one with a picket sign. We honked the
horn and went looking for parking.

Although my original plan had been to park a few blocks away from
the cult storefront, so that we could see if anyone followed us when
the time came to leave, it was *really* windy and cold. So I parked
in the first available on-street spot, maybe 75 or 100 feet from the
cult's entrance, and we walked back to join the protest.

It was cold, it was dark, there was very little foot traffic. At
one point while my daughter was holding our 'Learn about the "very
real and persistent malice of $cientology"' sign (really her sign,
she made it), a reporter emerged from the pizza place a couple of
doors down from the cult's doorway.

The reporter made note of the text of the sign, then asked my
daughter for more details. At that point, daughter summoned dad,
who provided a *quick* explanation of the 1992 criminal convictions,
the cult's libeling of Crown prosecutor Casey Hill, his successful
libel suit, the cult's failed appeal, and the Supreme Court's
obvious distaste for the "very real and persistent malice of
Scientology". She struggled to write all of this down, then thanked
me when I explained it was all detailed in the pamphlet I had given her.

At around 11:45, the three of us decided it was too cold and there
was too little happening. One of the Anons agreed to take over with
our sign and pamphlets. My daughter, my son's girlfriend, and I
went and had a nice leisurely lunch in a nice warm eatery near my
son's place. We dropped his girlfriend off at home, then decided to
swing by the cult franchise and see if any protesters were still
there. It's now around 1:00 p.m.

I 'm glad we did. The sidewalk in front of the cult's doorway was
devoid of protesters. There was a police cruiser parked in front of
the cult franchise with a police officer looking across the street.
Across the street, there was a crowd of protesters that was at
least as large as it had been when we left.

I gave a couple of blasts on the horn, and pulled into a driveway to
let my daughter out of the car. I then drove around the block and
parallel parked right in front of the police cruiser, managing to do
so without hitting the cruiser or the curb.

At the first break in traffic, I crossed to join the protesters. I
recognized one who I had spoken with during our earlier visit, and
asked him what had happened. It seems a Mighty Homo Novus Super
Being called the police to complain that the protesters were
hassling him/her/it/them, and even claimed the protesters had
entered the cult franchise outlet.

Three police cruisers responded. One of the anons, a bespectacled
man with a Guy Fawkes mask, spoke with the police. The police asked
the protesters to relocate to the far side of the street, and the
protesters complied. It's probably a good thing I wasn't there when
the police arrived. When I heard this I had concerns that the
culties were using the state to deprive the protesters of their
right to be on a public sidewalk. This is not a good thing.

When I asked the Anon why they didn't stand their ground, he
explained that their intent was to cooperate with police requests,
and they did so. The culties may see this as a Big Win.

But there were some other, more important, consequences to this that
the culties probably aren't aware of. So I'm going to tell them now.

The sidewalk on the culties' side of the street is in shadow. The
other side of the street is not. By moving to the other side of the
street, the protesters enjoyed the benefit of a little bit of
sunlight on a bitterly cold day. Some may have stayed longer as a

Most pedestrians were on that side of the street, as well. There
were *far* more handouts distributed and entheta conversations took
place than would have occurred had the protesters stayed on the
culties side of the street.

Both of these are good things. But, the *best* thing that happened
as a result of the culties calling the police, is they pissed off
the Anons. The protesters are already planning a follow-up picket
for March! Way to pull it in, cult

Anyway, aside from the complaint and the cultie photographing us
from their second-floor premise across the street (I pointed the
cultie out, smiled, and waved) there was no interaction with the
culties that I was aware of. Lots of horn honking, entheta
conversations, and handouts though!

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